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Fall First impressions

By Posted on 3 3 m read

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I love the change of weather, Fall Fashion, Football and just about everything pumpkin…in fact I think I can already smell a pie baking! So it was no surprise that I immediately headed to Hobby Lobby, latte in hand, when I saw the first leaf fall. The time had come to stock up on some new fall décor! They were having a 40% off sale, so I may have gotten a little more than I planned, but creating seasonal décor on your front porch is a nice warm welcome for your guests.

First I needed to refresh my wicker planter a little to make it a little more autumnal, so I added a few pumpkin picks. A simple seasonal change!

This chalk board is up year round, and it is so fun to write a birthday message or Happy whatever holiday it may be. The pictures add a nice personal touch too which I really enjoy! My husband has become quite the chalkboard master and can copy most anything I find for him on Pinterest. As you can see we are big University of Oregon Duck Fans, more on that coming in another post, so stay tuned. Quack!!

I have had this “C” initial for a long time, I just added a little pumpkin pick to spice it up!

When I saw this autumn swag I knew it would look perfect hanging  from my porch light. I attached it with a burlap bow for some additional autumnal flavor!

I love switching up this black urn planter for every season. This year I wanted to get a little crafty and make a pumpkin topiary. My first stop was Pinterest and I found a ton of inspiration. The pumpkins were from Hobby Lobby but I did have to do a little painting. I painted the bottom one white and added the black stripes (I couldn’t find the right size in white which is why I had to paint it). The tutorials I found mentioned using tape to create the stripes, but I decided to just free hand following the natural shape of the pumpkin #artist. The middle one I painted black and added the gold polka dots, and I left the top one as is. The next step, after letting the paint dry, was assembling the topiary. All I had to do was break off the stems of the bottom two and hot glue them all together!  I tucked the fall leaves all around the bottom pumpkin and just glued a little sprig to the top two. Super easy! I already had the lantern, so I just added the ribbon and pumpkins and gourds and the project was done!

I will be gathering pumpkins all month in a variety of colors to create my own little mini pumpkin patch! The Cinderella pumpkin is my favorite, do you have a favorite type?


Happy Fall Y’all!




Cheers! xoxo



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  • Theresa Harmola
    September 13, 2017

    As always your porch is welcoming to all and adorable like you!

  • Theresa Harmola
    September 13, 2017

    As always your porch is welcoming to all and adorable like you! Can hardly wait for your next post! Yay!

    • Diana Cardenas
      September 14, 2017

      Thank you Theresa! xoxo

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