Thanksgiving Outfit With Stretch

Hi Friends, 

Hope you are all preparing to spend time with friends and family on Thanksgiving. I will give you some ideas for Thanksgiving Outfit With Stretch. I always tell everyone to come in their fat pants and since this is the one holiday we like to keep it casual some stretchy pants are perfect.

With Thanksgiving, I wanted to come up with a cute, casual, and most importantly comfortable, outfit. Stretch is definitely a must! It was a very easy decision for the bottoms: my Lululemon On the Fly Pants. They’re my new favorite purchase and probably the most worn item in my closet. They are so comfortable and have great stretch!  

Thanksgiving Outfit With Stretch

And on top will be this “Thankful” baseball tee. I bought it last year from Amazon but didn’t end up wearing it because it was too tight. I guess my Orange Theory classes are working because they fit this year!  

Thanksgiving Outfit

On a recent trip to Target, I came upon this cute plaid flannel, a great layering piece or great worn alone as well. Can you leave Target without spending at least $100? I certainly can’t!  

Thanksgiving Outfit

Another new favorite is my Adidas Super Star sneakers. Perfect when you are on your feet all day and spend a lot of time in the kitchen. So buy Thanksgiving Outfit With Stretch and have fun.

Hope you all have a great day making memories. Cheers!  

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