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Hi Friends! My name is Diana but friends sometimes call me Lady Di.
I am a wife to an amazing husband of 32 years and mom to 3 awesome young men.
Since the boys got older I decided I should probably start working so I consider myself a late bloomer with my career in sales. I did dabble with several jobs before kids and a few part time jobs while being a stay at home mom but I think I found my calling in sales. It truly is so fulfilling to help provide for our family and have a successful career. Since I am transitioning into an empty nester I do have much more time to devote to a career and myself. My husband is so supportive and we now even have weekly date nights!
Creating this blog was never an intention but a spin off from a newsletter that I send out monthly to my clients. I received such great feedback I thought I would create this blog.
I love everything fashion, beauty, fitness & health, home décor, entertaining and more. When I find something I am passionate about I just have to share it with everyone. I will also share lifestyle topics such as transitioning to an empty nester and being a Millennial Mom.
Why Lattes and Lemon Drops? I start my day with a Latte and celebrate with a Lemon Drop and they are so so yummy!
I am a firm believer of supporting and uplifting women. Watching a successful women entrepreneur just thrills and inspires me. I love to collaborate and inspire one another. Lattes & Lemon Drops is all about the women.
I would love to connect with you please comment on any blog posts or email me at
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