I have found through my Orangetheory journey that accountability is the key to my fitness and healthy living lifestyle. Luckily their app is so helpful in keeping me accountable because if I don’t cancel a class within 8 hours before the start time I will be charged a $12 cancellation fee and nobody wants to pay that additional fee on top of our monthly fee!   

Orange Theory
Orange Theory

I have also learned that even though I attend classes 4 times a week, I must continue to move more and eat healthy in order to see results. I’m sad to report that once women reach 50 or go through menopause, whichever comes first, they have a harder time losing weight.

That sad news brings me to my new experiment: more accountability.  Although I have lost inches and become more toned after joining Orangetheory a year and a half ago, I still would like to get a little leaner. I ran across a story about a woman and her FitBit challenge. Which got her moving more which led to increased weight loss so I figured I would give it a try. My old Fitbit no longer worked, so I picked up the Fitbit Inspire. Which seemed to be the best fit from their vast array of products. It’s super easy to use, and I purchased the clip which lets me clip it to my pants or my bra to keep it hidden. You can wear it on your wrist too, but I prefer the clip because it doesn’t match my wrist stack!  


Fitbit Inspire HR Heart Rate & Fitness Tracker, One Size (S & L bands included), 1 Count


Fitbit Inspire Accessory Clip, Official Fitbit Product, Black

I’ve read that walking 10,000 steps per day, paired with sticking to your recommended calorie intake, should allow you to lose 1 lb a week. My FitBit helps me track my steps and I also use the app My Fitness Pal which helps me track my calories. And it pairs with my FitBit so it shows me my net calorie intake after my steps get factored in. It even keeps track of my water intake- talk about accountability. My husband says “that sounds like a lot of work”, and he’s not wrong. But guess what- he bought one too and now we are tracking together. Not only does this allow us to hold ourselves accountable, but we can keep each other accountable too. They do say it’s always best to have a buddy on your fitness journey.   


It may seem simple, but it’s actually pretty difficult to hit 10,000 steps in a day. I usually average 4,000 steps per class at Orangethoery. But that leaves me with 6,000 more steps to hit.

There are some days when I’m in my car on a lot of sales appointments (I am an outside sales rep) so it’s really difficult on those days to get to 10,000. But I’m trying to push myself to hit it more days. But I’m certainly not ashamed to pace around the house in my slippers to get the last couple thousand steps. I’m not hard on myself on the days that I don’t reach my goals. Because I’m proud that I’m trying and holding myself accountable to move more. Stay tuned and I will keep you posted with my results!  

Designer Clothes



My fitness journey

..My fitness journey-Throughout my adult life I have done my best to stay active. Working out was on and off, but I was always open to trying different workouts to find the perfect fit for me. I believe the first was a Jane Fonda home work out the video which was VHS. Danskin, not LuluLemon, was the go-to fitness apparel and we wore bodysuits and leotards with leg warmers thrown in occasionally. Cut me some slack- It was the 80’s!

My fitness journey

Next up was Jazzercise, which I absolutely loved and stuck with for a couple of years. Then a gym opened named Nautilus, now known as 24hr Fitness, and funnily enough I actually still hear people going old school and referring to it as Nautilus, but I switched things up and left Jazzercise to join Nautilus. My workouts consisted of the weight machines or the cardio classes. I became pretty consistent, and you could find me at Nautilus maybe 2 – 3 days a week.

My fitness journey

Fitness Sport

After I have got married we joined a fancy gym at the time Club Sport and I went in spurts of consistency. We realized driving 20 minutes to a gym was crazy when we had a 24 Hour Fitness in our home town so back to 24 Hour Fitness we went! Again over the years, I found myself being on and off again with my workouts at the gym. Then all the at-home workout DVDs became popular, and I thought that this was the answer for me! I didn’t have to leave my house and I could still get a good workout in.
My first purchase was the Malibu Pilates Chair that Susan Lucci endorsed but it wasn’t the answer. I wasn’t consistent enough with it and I certainly didn’t end up looking like Susan Lucci. Others I tried were Kick Boxing Jam, Kettle Bells, and many more. Last year I gave the Barre classes a try, I did love it and was very consistent for 2 months but the pricey membership and 25-minute drive weren’t worth it- womp womp. So my fitness journey was not easy.

Mailbu Pilates

Kettle Worx


 Which now brings us to January 2018. I saw that an Orange Theory was opening near my house, maybe an 8 min drive at most, to the city right over the hill. When I have inquired of that, they were hoping to open the end of February/ early March. Recently, I have heard great things about Orange Theory. I am excited to give it a try so I got impatient and started to look where the other Orange Theory was located and found one 20 minutes away.
Commuting to work out, when you’re already struggling to fit it into your schedule, can be crazy seeing as you’re adding 40-50 minutes of driving to your workout time. But, I really thought that Orange Theory could be what I’ve been looking for all these years so I took the plunge to start my fitness journey.
What’s more, I have been hooked ever since. I’m now attending classes 2-3 days a week. The studio close to my house finally opened up this month so my commute time is almost non-existent. Also, they just announced that a studio will be coming to Castro Valley so everything is falling into my place. I’m so excited that have found such a great workout that fits into my lifestyle and it really seems to be thriving. Before you know it there will be an Orange Theory on every corner- just like Starbucks!


If you are not familiar with Orange Theory, it is a full-body high-intensity workout. My fitness journey is all about staying in a heart rate zone to spike your metabolism and you can continue to burn calories up to 36 hours after your workout. You wear a monitor and there is a big screen for you to check your heart rate during class which lets you know if you need to push yourself or pull back, which is a great tool to getting a better work out. In addition to the monitor, there is a coach who is dictating the workout and pushing us, so it is like having a personal trainer as well. Fun fact- I happen to know one of the coaches and hadn’t seen her in years, so it was great to reconnect and now see her all the time- Kelsey is the best! She was actually one of my favorite young workers back when I ran the snack bar at the baseball field!


The exercises are different for every class, and if you ever need to modify any of the exercises. The coach will always have alternative moves. Whether you are just beginning, need an additional challenge, or maybe have an injury. The max attendance for the class is 26. We all have our own treadmill, rower, and a weight station. Another bonus is that they have an app that easily allows you to schedule your classes and monitor your calendar.
If you don’t cancel 8 hours before your class you will get charged $12. I didn’t want to pay any additional fees on top of my membership so I make sure to go, it keeps me accountable! Out of all the different workouts I have done thus far in my life it is the hardest and most challenging and I love it! My goal is 4 days a week and throws in the 5th class when I can. I joined their transformation challenge and first place wins $2500. It is based on the percentage of body fat loss. It would be great to win but I am doing it more to keep me on track and push myself a little more.



I have never really had a weight problem. But, as you get older and go through menopause your metabolism, does slow down. I have put on weight that I am not comfortable with. Since starting my fitness journey in Orange Theory in February I haven’t set foot on the scale. My dream is to fit back into some clothes that are too small. I love fashion so it’s really important to me, that I feel good in clothes that I like.
I always feel discouraged when I don’t see the number on the scale that changes quickly. Because I didn’t want that to happen, so I made the decision to stay away from the scale. Finally, I got on the scale a couple of weeks ago. Because I want to have a starting point for the transformation challenge. When I checked in for the challenge this week I learned I had lost 4 lbs- yay for results. I seriously think it is moving more, eating less, and choosing healthy options, no big surprise there. Finding a work out that I enjoyed and would stick with has been my struggle over the years. Orange Theory is checking all the boxes. In addition, it’s also helping me and my husband to eat based on a meal plan from a company. Stay tuned for a post on that too!

I will post at the end of the 8-week transformation my results, wish me luck!!