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How I turned an empty nest into my dream office

One of my sons recently flew the coop and moved out with some friends, insert sad face here. Although I wasn’t ready for him to move out. The silver lining was that I’d finally have an office space to call my own. Latte’s and Lemon Drop headquarters was born. Now I will share my story with you how I turned an empty nest into my dream office.

Converting his bedroom into my HQ certainly helped keep my mind off the fact he was moving out. I’ve had so much fun decorating. Having three boys never allowed me to create girly princess ballerina rooms. I’ve been stuck with blues, greens and sports themes. Which I’ve loved- but I’ve really enjoyed adding some feminine flair. Many of my nights have been spent scouring Pinterest leaving me in a Pinter-coma.

I wanted to do some DIY projects and really allow my personality to shine in the decor. So I started with creating my color palette. Now I decided on neutrals with pops of coral, white furniture, and you can’t forget a little bit of leopard print.


dream office


I was working in an empty room. So it was the perfect time to paint and get the hardwood floors refinished. I chose Softer Tan from Sherwin Williams. Which is actually the same color as our Master Bedroom. While we were painting I decided I needed crown molding installed. So that was my next step, followed by refinishing the floors. The foundation was done and the room was updated and ready for some feminine décor.


dream office


I was excited to start shopping for furniture because of how I turned an empty nest into my dream office. But I didn’t want to break the bank so I started searching for furniture on Craigslist. My first find was a desk for $135- can’t beat that. Soon after I discovered a Pottery Barn Bedford desk hutch $80 that fit the desk perfectly. All I had to do was paint the desk so it matched the hutch and it looks like they were a matched set. My next find was the Logan file cabinet at the Pottery Barn Outlet for $239. Which was more than I wanted to spend but it was really good quality?

And didn’t need painting as it was the same color as my desk set, so I snagged it. Everything else came together pretty organically. The chair is from World Market online, the lamp is from Target. And the shade and inspiration board both came from Home Goods- another addiction. I picked up the wall decal at Hobby Lobby. The desk pad is from Etsy and the DIY TV stand was made by my husband so we call it a DIR=Do it Robert.

Office Look

beautiful walls


I was looking for a small sofa and found this one on Wayfair and it fits perfectly. Between my two bookcases which were another Craiglist find. They originally wanted $50 for the pair but there was a hole in one of the back panels. So I offered $35 which was a steal.

I just make sure to put something in front of it so nobody knows there’s a hole there. They matched my other furniture perfectly so no painting required- bonus. I had a ton of fun accessorizing and styling with items. Already had as well as hitting either Home Goods or Hobby Lobby to fill in. I love having a place to display my handbags as well and I have room for more!.☺

I ordered the monogrammed and leopard pillows on Etsy- you know I had to get my pop of leopard in there.  The little side table is from Wayfair, which is the perfect size for a Latte or Lemon Drop.





The focal point and pièce de résistance are my framed shopping bags. I have been saving the bags for so long. Because I’ve always been wanting to create this art piece but didn’t have a place for them until now. I purchased the frames from Aaron Brothers during their BOGO sale.

So it was another affordable addition to L&L HQ. I decided to use the Command Strip Hangers for the first time and I am such a fan. They were super easy to use and I don’t have any holes in my walls. If I decide to add any other bags I can move them around. Without making a mess of my walls and they don’t move at all so any constant adjusting. This was my first DIY office project and I love how it turned out.



I found the drapes on eBay and they’re actually discontinued Pottery Barn drapes. So another great deal! I wanted lightweight linen feel with a little added color. So when I found these I knew they were perfect. The rod is from the Martha Stewart collection from Home Depot and it was a great fit with the design of the room.


Girls Room


This wall needed a little something so off to Home Goods I went. It was originally a shade of blue. So simple to touch of paint was all it needed to bring in a little more of the coral. The old mirror I had that I painted gold to match my aesthetic. I found the lamp at Home Goods too, and the Shade Target.

Beautiful Table

I have seen many versions of the “Press here for Champagne” button on Pinterest. But of course, I had to put my own spin on it and I had a lot of fun with this DIY project. I ordered the ringer off of eBay, picked up the frame at Home Goods, and printed the wording on my printer. All I had to do was put the wording in the frame, hot glue the ringer on top of the glass, and voila. Now I just need to add sound to the ringer and I can have a lemon drop at the push of a button.



Another bonus is I now have an extra closet. I may add mirrored doors in the future but for now, I just found these neutral drapes. And the same Martha Stewart rod that I used for the drapes on my window. Stay tuned for a closet organization post coming soon. I can’t wait to share my love for organizing with you.




The last touch was, of course, a little glitz and glam. I wanted a ceiling mounted chandelier with some crystals and found this one on Amazon. My hubby added a dimmer switch and it’s glitzy without being too over the top.




I work from home often and have never had a space for a desk. I had been using a hutch in my dining room to store files. Office supplies and would work on my laptop on my bed. Not the most ideal situation. Now that I have a desk and a workspace to call my own. This is how I turned an empty nest into my dream office.

I’m so much more productive and organized. I certainly miss my son but luckily he isn’t too far away and he stops by often. So I still get to spend plenty of time with him. He was a little shocked by the transformation, to say the least. How do you cope with empty-nesting? What did you do with your first empty nest?