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12 Amazing Gifts for Her

and This year’s gift guide features a few items from my own wish list alongside some items that someone special would love. Several items are also great for avid travelers, so don’t forget to think about lifestyles and hobbies while you’re shopping for gifts. Here are 12 amazing gifts for her.

1. I have seen this piece of carrying on luggage by Mark and Graham all over Instagram and just love it but didn’t think the white was very practical.  I’ve reached out to a couple of bloggers to ask their experience with it and they all assured me it cleans up very easily with a Magic Eraser, so don’t fret! However, if white isn’t your preference it does come in other colors. And you can monogram it- bonus!

12 Amazing Gifts for Her

2. A nice tote for work or travel is always a great gift but especially if it is stylish and durable like this one from Madewell!

Amazing Gifts

3. I always bring a magnification mirror with me when traveling and this one I found at Nordstrom is amazing! It folds up like a laptop which makes it super easy to pack. All the others I have purchased in the past need to be packed in a box or bubble wrap, so I may need to upgrade. It also has great lighting and 2 different magnification options.


4. Sticking with vanity mirrors, this one by I Home is great for your at-home vanity. You can charge it so it doesn’t take up a plug, plus it has a built-in Bluetooth speaker so you can answer your phone or listen to music while putting on your makeup. A smart mirror perfect for any tech-savvy lady in your life…now if it could only remove wrinkles!

Gift For Her

5. A denim jacket should be a wardrobe staple in every girl’s closet. I love this one from Kut from the Kloth. The distressing and fading add a level of interest to an otherwise basic silhouette! Amazing Gift

6. Who doesn’t love a soft cashmere sweater? This one from Halogen comes in several colors, perfect for any color palette. Again another wardrobe staple that should be in every closet!

Amazing Gift

7. If you are looking to complete an outfit a scarf is always a great addition. Pair this blanket scarf with the previously mentioned cashmere sweater and a denim jacket for a really special gift! 


8. If you know me at all you know I absolutely love a pop of leopard! These Madewell calf hair booties are the perfect addition to any outfit, especially because the wooden heel makes them a little more casual. I am thinking this would look great with that denim jacket, cashmere sweater, blanket scarf and a partridge in a pear tree! 


9. A nice cozy robe is always a great gift! I received this Barefoot Dreams Robe I believe 10 years ago! It was one of the first years that Oprah did her favorite things show and everyone went crazy for these robes. The company couldn’t keep them in stock! I was lucky enough to have a friend give me one and a decade later it still looks amazing.  It’s my favorite robe of all time! 


10. Dainty necklaces are very trendy and perfect for layering. This Nadri cubic zirconia initial necklace from Nordstrom is an adorable addition to any jewelry collection.  And you can’t go wrong with a personalized gift!   

Fashion Trends

11. I have several vests which are perfect for layering. This one from Uniqlo comes in several colors, and at this price point you can pick up a couple to go with any outfit. It also comes with a little storage bag so you can roll it up and keep it in your purse or tote.


12. The grand finale to my 2018 gift guide is certainly a luxury item, but it’s something she would have forever. It may seem small, but it actually holds a surprising amount and the charming tassel adds such a fun touch of whimsy! I personally own this Gucci Soho Disco bag in black, but I’ve got my eye on the nude color and am dying to add it to my collection. Any lady would be lucky to receive this fabulous gift! 

Fashion Bags

I had such a great time and putting this list of timeless gifts together. So I hope it will help you with the gift ideas or items to add to your own wish list. Happy Shopping!

Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her

*This post contains affiliate links.

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. And I am sure you are looking for some Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her. I absolutely love Christmas and everything that goes with it including all of the shopping. I really try and put a lot of thought into the gifts I purchase and pay attention to little clues throughout the year. If I hear someone say something that they like or need I will make note of it. It really helps when you start making your gift list to have a head start. I have put together a list of some of my favorite cozy items that I am sure someone on your list will enjoy. So here are some Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her. You could bundle a few together for a cozy theme gift or any one of these alone would be perfect as well.  

Cozy Christmas Gifts for Her

    1. L’occitane Milk Concentrate-I received this as a gift and immediately became my favorite body cream. It is so creamy and I can’t get enough of the scent. Light, fresh and clean and your skin will love you too!
    2. L’occitane Almond Shower oil– I received the Almond Shower Oil along with the cream as a gift and the shower oil is so softening and it works into a gentle lather. Again the scent is amazing! You can buy this as a set with the Milk concentrate or individually.
    3. Blanket Scarf– It is the perfect time of year for a cozy blanket scarf. I love the colors of this one and it isn’t too heavy, comes in many other colors. Perfect with a sweater, jeans, and boots my personal favorite.
    4. See’s Candy- Who doesn’t love to cozy up with a box of yummy chocolates a cup of tea and watch a Christmas movie? My personal favorite is the California Brittle! A perfect add on to the cozy theme or perfect for your postal carrier, housekeeper, gardener etc.
    5. Barefoot Dreams Blanket-I has a barefoot dreams robe and cardigan which I have had for years and they are so soft and cozy! The robe was one of Oprah’s favorite things years ago. This blanket is on my wish list and gotta love it with the leopard print but is available in other colors as well.
    6. Ugg Slippers-I have had these Ugg slippers for I don’t know how many years now? I get a new pair every couple of years because I wear them every day. Since I got my first pair I cannot walk around the house without them. All-time best slippers!
    7. Nest Holiday Candle and Reed set-I received this as a gift last year and if you have never had a Nest candle you need to treat yourself. They are the best candles and the Holiday scent is perfect. I also have the Amber which is a lovely year-round scent.  I love the reeds and oil also which came with this set but you can buy separately. The glass the candle comes in is really pretty. So once the candle is burnt you can reuse the glass as a container.